Interview Mastery

Competence gets you the interview.
Connection gets you the job.

Interview Mastery teaches you interview skills that make you memorable.

Let's skip the bullshit. You're here because interviews make you nervous, and no matter how many times you search Google for help, you're left with nothing except canned-responses and mediocre advice. I was just like you four years ago. I spent 12 years of my life interviewing like everybody else - telling interviewers my strength was my initiative and my weakness was my inability to delegate tasks because I'm a perfectionist (eye-roll). I "prepared" for interviews by practicing sounding convincing because I myself didn't believe the crap I was saying. Interviews stressed me out and I'd leave the interview with no clue how I did. 

Then I got an opportunity to interview for a job I really wanted. I knew I had to impress the hell out of my interviewers because, based on the job description, I was under-qualified. So I threw out all the old rules I learned about interviews and started from scratch. I applied what I learned about psychology and what I know about people to my interview process. Guess what? My interviews leveled up in an unbelievable way. I started to love interviews because I couldn't wait to try these new techniques. And they worked! The results weren't great, they were EXTRAORDINARY. 

Co-workers and friends came to me for help and they were getting extraordinary results too. I started coaching some of my (INCREDIBLE!) viewers through their graduate school interviews and job interviews, and as you'll read below, they were replicating that same success against all odds

And that's what I want you to keep in mind. You don't have to have a perfect resume or perfect grades. You don't need months to prepare. You don't even have to feel confident right now (don't worry, I cover confidence first!) If you can get the interview, I can help you land the job or get that graduate school acceptance letter.

You'll never think about interviews the same way again. In fact, if you're really resourceful, you'll apply what I teach you to all of your professional relationships.

I hope that by helping you feel empowered with this new way of thinking, you'll realize nothing is impossible. What will you conquer next?



Success Stories

"I've been applying for jobs for four years and after not having any agency interested in hiring me, I now have two that are vying for me." 

Nur and I spoke in November in relation to interviews as I was about to do my final interview for a criminal investigator position with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS). I utilized what she said for that interview and not only did I pass the interview, but the head of the USPIS office in Boston told me I was her top pick for the position and I was officially offered the job. Not only that, but in January I also interviewed for a criminal investigator position with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). I again utilized Nur's advice and later found out I was the only applicant interviewed that week to have passed the interview. I met with a background investigator for NCIS and was told that her supervisor, one of the panelists who interviewed me, loved me and really wants me to join the agency. I've been applying for jobs for four years and after not having any agency interested in hiring me, I now have two that are vying for me. And because Nur told me to keep in mind that I'm interviewing employers at the same time they're interviewing me, I know which agency I'm going to choose.  

Nur's insightful and unique advice, I believe, made this possible. I walked away from our conversation feeling much more confident in myself and I entered into these interviews not only empowered by her advice, but more prepared than I've ever been. You have truly found your calling, Nur, and we're all so lucky that you're sharing your knowledge with us.

- Gigi, Boston, MA

"The doctor who interviewed me told me that this was the best interview he’s had in years because my answers were so different from the ones he usually gets from students."

I chose to contact Nur after I completely bombed my first two interviews at two graduate schools. I followed all the steps that I could find on Google but I was still waitlisted. I was so confused and upset because this program was what I wanted to do and I did not want to be rejected again. So, I emailed Nur because I was sure she would have great advice. She responded almost immediately and called me a few days after that. Every piece of information she gave me was so helpful but also so simple. The main advice she gave me was to not put too much pressure on myself because this will cause me to overthink all of my answers and that was exactly what I did at those first interviews. She also taught me a different way to speak to the interviewers. I had one week to practice everything I learned from her for my next interview at my top school. I’ve dreamt of going to that specific school for so long but I always thought it would be out of reach since I didn’t have perfect grades. Nonetheless, I walked in the school feeling so positive and excited to use all of the new information that I recently learned. Out of the other three students being interviewed, my interview was the shortest at fifteen minutes (normally takes at least a half hour). The doctor who interviewed me told me that this was the best interview he’s had in years because my answers were so different from the ones he usually gets from students. He said even though my grades weren’t amazing, my response when I was asked about my grades made me an ideal student. I have Nur to thank for my success because this interview was the last thing I needed to pass and I finally did it. I get to start this graduate program in the fall at my dream school. I even told my brother everything Nur told me and he used it at his interview for residency and he was matched with three hospitals! I cannot tell you how happy and grateful I am that I contacted Nur. I’m so thankful that she was able to help me out and now she will help out so many people with this class!

- Jenan, Pheonix, AZ

"He got the internship, beating out college students!"

My sometimes-shy son, a rising Junior in high school, applied for a very selective summer internship which required an interview. Because he’s had no experience with interviews, I wanted him to be as prepared as possible. Nur to the rescue! Nur reviewed a number of possible questions with him, including how to answer the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question and taught him how to put himself in the mindset of the interviewer. She went over so many tips and tricks with him, and after doing his “homework”, he felt thoroughly prepared. He got the internship, beating out college students! Honestly, the time spent with Nur was more than just interview prep - it was life prep! As he goes on to more job interviews, college admission interviews, etc, he’s definitely got an advantage thanks to Nur.

I would recommend anyone interviewing, from seasoned professionals to college graduates, to take Nur’s course. She offers no-nonsense practical advice in a supportive way.

- Christina, Los Angeles, CA

"I eventually found out that the team had interviewed many candidates for this role, but it was my answers and originality that had given me an edge!!"

Right after I signed up for Nur’s Interview Mastery course, I found out that I had been selected for a round of interviews with a social media/tech company. This was the interview I had been dreaming about and I knew I had to get it done right! The Interview Mastery course is broken down into different interview topics and also includes some prep work and supplemental material. The content for each topic was accurate, thorough, and easy to understand. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Nur’s school of thought, know that she has a very unconventional way of thinking. Nur is going to teach you how to think differently and how to provide original answers during an interview. I was definitely ready for the phone interview (after going through the course several times), and the hiring manager was really impressed with my answers! I also had a coaching session with Nur a few days prior to my on-site interview. Nur was very well prepared during our coaching session and really listened to my questions and thoughts. The feedback she provided was phenomenal and we came up with some great ideas to implement during the in-person interview. In the end, my interview went super well and I got the job! I eventually found out that the team had interviewed many candidates for this role, but it was my answers and originality that had given me an edge!! If you take the time to really study Nur’s course and apply the information, you will do extremely well and be ready for any and all future interviews! Nur’s passion and willingness to help others was truly reflected in this course and coaching session, and it will change your life!

- Shirene, San Jose, CA

"I aced my interview, was asked back for a second round, and eventually got an offer from the company."

When I heard that Nur was releasing a masterclass on Interviews, I could barely click “enroll” fast enough. Having attended other classes hosted by Nur, I knew her to be extremely practical, thorough, and holistic in her approach to advice. This course was no different.

The launch happened only a day or two before my first big interview as a fresh college grad. I was full of nerves, but Nur virtually took me step by step through the interview process, covering every little question or point of anxiety I could have had about my interview the following day. With every base covered, prepared for any curveballs - my anxiety was quickly replaced by excitement. I watched the “Interview Mentality” piece of the course multiple times that night. With those words in my head, I was able to walk into a huge office building in Midtown Manhattan the next day with confidence and ease. 

Nur has a very unique and valuable way of delivering advice. She forgoes “fluff” for practicality, yet is able to nuance her delivery with a warmth, compassion and empathy that empowers those who listen. 

I aced my interview, was asked back for a second round, and eventually got an offer from the company. I’m so glad that I enrolled in Nur’s class when it launched. Not only was it incredibly helpful to me months ago, but having the course for life enables me to continue to reference it for any future interviews I may have. Couldn’t be happier! :)

- Gillian, New York City, NY

MODULE #1: Confidence + Prep

  • The Interview Mentality
  • Pre-Work (yes, there's homework that will make all this so easy!)
  • Telephone Interviews Prep
  • In-Person Interviews Prep

MODULE #2: Ace the Interview

  • The Framework + Paradigm Shift (you'll never think about interview questions the same ever again!)
  • Answering the "Tell us about yourself" question with confidence
  • Giving high-impact answers to questions about your strengths
  • Answering questions about your weaknesses that make you stand out
  • "Why should we hire/pick YOU?" is a question you'll nail every time with a simple shift in thinking
  • How to answer surprise interview questions like "If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?" in a way that will prepare you for every single tricky question that could ever be thrown your way
  • Do you have a bad grade on your transcript that you know you'll be asked about? Or a gap in jobs on your resume that'll raise eyebrows? I teach you how to address these questions so well, it's the answer that'll get you picked (see the second testimonial above- it works!)
  • I'll teach you exactly what to say and do if you're missing necessary skills for the job (it'll shock your interviewers in the best way possible)
  • Questions you should be asking them and how to steer conversationsHint: Asking about room for growth will instantly turn people off. Don't do it! 
  • And lastly, the post-interview mentality 


  • Identify Your Allies (don't let a pawn checkmate you and cost you the job or the spot at your dream school. It's happened to me!)
  • How to Excel in Your Toughest Classes (building fruitful relationships)
  • How to Excel in Your Career (intelligence and hard work are not the things that are rewarded in the workplace)

Frequently Asked Questions

+ When will the course content be available?

You'll get access to the course content as soon as you enroll!

+ When does the course start and finish?

You can start the course and finish it whenever you'd like! It's a completely self-paced online course.

+ How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course, as well as any updates in the future! Come back and watch the content anytime you need to prep for an interview.

+ Can I ask for help with resumes & cover letters?

At this time, the Interviews Mastery course doesn't include resumes and cover letters. Industries vary so greatly, your resume and cover letter should be fit for the industry you're pursuing. However, I do share one piece of very critical piece of advice for your resume that helps you get more interviews - it's the BEST resume advice and you never hear it anywhere else.

+ How do I know if this course is for me?

This course is for you if:

  • You're new to interviewing
  • You're not new to interviewing, but interviews make you shit your pants
  • You're looking to level up your interview game
  • You have a growth mindset and you're willing to do the work it takes to live your best life

+ Who should not join this course?

  • Someone who likes to wing interviews
  • Someone who prefers to go to an interview underprepared
  • Someone who does not want to put in a little bit of time to reap amazing results
  • Someone who prefers to go with the flow, as opposed to target a goal and pursue it
  • Someone who prefers to let opportunities come to them
  • Someone guaranteed a job and going through the interview process due to corporate requirements
  • Someone who is just testing the waters and not interested in landing a new job
  • Someone curious about looking for a new job but not interested in applying just yet - at which point, I suggest bookmarking this page and coming back when you're ready!

Ready to change the way you interview?

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